Millie & Honey: The Incredible, Instantaneous, Interplanetary Adventure - Volume II - APPLEOPOLIS

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ISBN: 9781457513947
112 pages

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This wonderful book, authored by J.D. Means and very nicely illustrated by Romar Lipana, is a cute fantasy/adventure tale intended for children aged 6 - 12, depending on their reading level. This would also be a great book to read aloud to your non-reading children. A sequel to MHIIIA, Volume 1: Catatonia, Appleopolis picks up the day after the characters' adventures in Catatonia (an amazing planet of felines).


About J.D. Means

J.D. Means

Joe and his wife Rose live in Dubai, U.A.E., with Honey, Thomas and Rags.

They have seven children and 14 grandchildren who live in England and the United States.



It was that time of morning when the sun had not yet awakened, but the sky had begun to turn more purple than black, with hints of color shading the horizon. Millie’s mother, Melissa, was in the kitchen making breakfast.


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